Research & Development Roto Gravure by the GRT GmbH & Co. KG

GRT is implementing a product-related development in the printform production for the packaging and security markets. An optimization of processes and setting trends in roto gravure are significant characteristics that underline our research department.

In many cases, the core focus is to set up new markets. While research projects for a better three dimensional structuring of the surfaces are being successfully transformed to marketable products, GRT, in the case of printed electronics, is setting basics for the industry - for products of the future.

GRT is member of the "Organic Electronic Association" with the objective to be able to apply organic materials for the printing of electrical circuits.

Different projects in the field of printed electronics are running in collaboration with different research institutes and companies worldwide. In this case as well, the main focus is the implementation in the packaging and security markets.

The development of many comprehensive mathematical models, guarantees the best possible parameterisation of all the different technologies used. Screening and superposition of screens is one major subject for these simulations.

Collaborating on research projects together with institutes is future oriented, GRT is also represented in many committees.