About us GRT GmbH & Co. KG

GRT is applying the most wide-spread spectrum of technologies for the imaging of print forms. The resulting optimal implementation of the information to the print form is a direct customer advantage. A continuing development of all processes is an outstanding characteristic of GRT which brings advantages that also benefit our customers.

GRT manufactures a variety of printforms for the packaging and security industries. The individual parameterisation of the processes guarantee our customers the best reproduction of the individual pieces of information. Flexible packagings as well as cigararette orders are part of our production portfolio. Many brand products are customers of ours.

The reproduction of the smallest details is not only of great interest in the security market, but also in the cigarette and pharmaceutical industries. Implementing security features guarantee a high grade of brand protection. The laser technology used by GRT is a distinctive feature, to our customer’s advantage.

In addition to the optimum implementation of information reproduction, customer service is first priority at GRT. A competent team is at your disposal in order to deliver the best possible product for you.