Gravuretechnique Roto Gravure by the GRT GmbH & Co. KG

GRT is using stylus engravers manufactured by Hell Gravure Systems. Both kinds of stylus engravings, the classical vibration engraving and the Xtreme engraving, are object-relatedly combined in order to offer our customers the best possible quality in linework and picture reproduction.

The conventional vibration engraving is mainly used for picture reproduction whilst Xtreme engraving is preferredly used in quality ranges requiring mid-size resolution.

By means of consequent further developments, we also have been able to set standards in these two proven technologies.

GRT consequently pursues the concept of "color management". Optimal parameterization is mostly automatically applied both in-house as well as for customer data processing. The optimum forecast of halftones, a minimum production set-up time and best repeatability of print forms are direct advantages for our customers.